Professional Indemnity Insurance Keeps You On The Safe Side

Professional Indemnity Insurance is not generally required by law for many firms and is something that any business who works in the professional services industry should have. This insurance will provide coverage to protect you and your business as well as your clients and it offers a feeling of security to all people involved in […]

Grow Your Business With The Right Public Relations Firm

The experts at Berbay Corp. have decades of experience developing marketing strategies for law firms, real estate developers, financial advisors, accounting firms, other professional services firms, and business-to-business. Our industry-specific knowledge lets us hit the ground running to configure a powerful PR and marketing campaign tailored to your needs. We know how to design a […]

Taking Steps To Ensure Effective Professional Marketing

I recall once speaking with the owner of a computer consulting firm whose business was gaining momentum through word-ofmouth referrals. Now, she said, her company needed some marketing. The question she asked: Where should we begin? It was clear that the woman”s company had been marketing itself all along, although she didn”t realize it. Unfortunately, […]

Effective Marketing Means More Than Advertising

It used to be sacrilege to use the words “professionals” and “marketing” in the same sentence. Professionals “marketing” their services was inconceivable, if not disreputable. Marketing was only for marketing people and for soap. Today, most professionals realize that if they don”t successfully market their services, it will be tough to survive. If you”re one […]

Keep Yourself Secured With Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance is not an item that firms must carry by but it is however cover that a business in the professional services field should absolutely have. It will be something that will provide protection to the individual holding it and their business. It will also offer protection to that person’s clients and lend […]